MOGA controller support?

Hey everyone,

I would like my game to support MOGA controllers, but I can’t seem to get this figured out.

After some searching, I found a thread on this forum:

But it seems like the github link doesn’t exist anymore. I do have a hithub account and an unreal subscription.

Does anyone know how to get MOGA working?

Thanks in advance,


I would expect the MOGA controllers would show up as standard controllers and would just work, but they do have their own SDK here:

what devices are you testing on?

It works on my Note 5 and shield tablet, I originally bought a steel series for bluetooth controller testing but a friend bought a moga for his galaxy 7 and couldn’t get it to work, it worked on my device so we traded

I am using my Galaxy S7. I plugged in some event ticks to ‘gamepad right thumbstick X’. It worked in PIE on my Xbox controller, but not when I ran the build with my MOGA.

Make sure the controller is paired with the phone. If you watch the UE4 logcat output and press a button you should see a new device registered the first time. If not, the controller wasn’t recognized by Android with proper HID.