Module not found when I try to upgrade plugin from 4.10 to 4.11


My plugin works fine with 4.10.4. Now I try to upgrade to 4.11.1.

I deleted Binaries/Intermediate/Debug/Saved/, Plugin/Binaries/, Plugin/Intermediate. Switched the engine to 4.11.1 and regenerated the project file.

The visual studio project compiled successfully but failed when start UE with the following error message.

0x00007FFD09F61F28 (KernelBase.dll)处(位于 UE4Editor.exe 中)引发的异常: 0xC06D007E: Module not found (参数: 0x0000005D01CCDF10)。
0x00007FFD09F61F28 (KernelBase.dll) (UE4Editor.exe 中)处有未经处理的异常: 0xC06D007E: Module not found (参数: 0x0000005D01CCDF10)。

According to the exception stack, the following line throws the exception
> UE4Editor-KinectPlugin.dll!__delayLoadHelper2(const ImgDelayDescr * pidd, __int64(*)() * ppfnIATEntry) Line 323 C++

Totally lost here, what shall I do here? or anything I should know about the UE4 upgrading? Looks forward to your comment.