Modulated Movement - Requests - ESM TEAM - New Release!


We are ESM Team and we are SUPER pumped to be on Unreal! There are some extremely talented developers on here!

We are proud to have just released now our third library Modulated Movement in the Unreal Market Place. Modulated Movement is a cohesive and potent collection of the sounds things make when in motion. Be it mechanical, organic, tech, sci-fi, futuristic, articulated or ambient, this collection plays the perfect compliment to characters, machines, objects or any graphic assets that are flying, creeping, crawling, crashing, sliding, swinging, swiping or displaying any kind of transitions or motions in the real world or even closer to home, in the unreal world of your projects.

Take a Listen Below to the Demo!

Modulated Movement Demo

We’re a new provider to the Unreal developer community and are still learning more about what the community needs. In regards to Modulated Movement and future updates we wanted this forum to be central location to tell us what you have to say! We want to read your constructive criticism. Please know that it will be well received. Talk to us, Let us know what you like, don’t like, or you would love to see!

We’re committed to providing high value and excellent quality audio asset collections that will energize in game experiences. We want your games to sound fantastic when we play them!

Visit Our Site To see what other sound assets are headed your way soon!

Thanks For Your Support,

Andrew & ESM Team

Looks really cool! Will have to check it out. :slight_smile:

Since this is a marketplace item, I moved your thread over to the Marketplace section for greater visibility. Thanks!