Modularity Question

I’m building a level with a few modular problems and I ran into an issue with the meshes lining up. The two sets of pieces are the floor pieces and frame pieces. The base floor is 2 meters by 2 meters. The frames have a base of 2 meters, but the top is extruded out and ends up being 2.1 meters on each side on the corner pieces. I was hoping someone would have an answer on how to go about building these pieces for this purpose and having them tile seamlessly. I’ll post pictures of the issue and how I’m using it in engine.

Uhm, why don’t you just open your modelling program and change the model so they line up?

Look at this:

I always create modular pieces based around a snap grid, with each modular piece always having its geometry anywhere within the snap grid. Exceptions are parts of modules that tile with other modules eg: doorways or a 2-way tiling piece in the middle of a room - in which case these edges match the snap grid perfectly. But the golden rule is to never have part of a module extend beyond the snap grid. But thats just how I do it… Would that avoid your problem?


I’m still not understanding how to add thickness (the lip at the top of the corner pieces). The base lines up. The floor is 2x2 meters and so are the bottoms of the corner pieces. However, the lip becomes longer when it’s extruded. If I resize it to 2 meters, then the corner pieces won’t tile with other walling pieces, including themselves. The initial level tiles correctly, but when I step up and go to the next level (as in the picture of the Unreal scene), the tiling is broken when going around those corner pieces. I’m looking to see if there is a solution to this other than pushing the floor piece under the lip and against the front side of the piece.

Ok so your tile is 2m (so lets say your modular grid is that size). So the floor piece might be 1.9mx1.9m if it joins with a wall on one side… or it might be 1.8m wide if there are walls on opposite sides. You need to give space for the thickness of the wall/extrusion within the module rather than building up to the modular grid. I think there should be a buffer zone within your grid to take the depth of walls - similar to my pic above (the green triangles might point out to the modular grid - I only extend up to the grid where I dont have any wall - so in the module in my pic its the doorway and the other half of the room toward the bottom of the pic.

Okay, I think I’m on the right track now. Thank you for the replies.

Just as an in-engine alternative, you may want to check out Rama’s Vertex Snap plugin. It works wonders for my modular meshes.