Modular Wood Building Pack

Modular Wood Building Pack has been released to the Unreal Engine marketplace. This is my first asset pack that has been published, I plan on updating it with more models and improving it along the way.

If you have any suggestions for something you would like to see in a future update, comment it below in this thread.

An update is in pending right now, it will add 15 new models and 4 new textures.

You can get the asset here:

"This pack includes 69 unique models, and 25 materials. Each model is a static mesh that has collision set for double-sided geometry and simple as complex, allowing for ray-traces to go in between the gaps in the boards. Making this set great for survival, platform, and building games. The models, textures, and materials have been designed with efficiency in mind maintaining low vertex counts and memory calls.

Each model has 3 material versions: regular, damaged, and mossy. The pack already has each basic material variation created for ease of use. Drag and drop it immediately into the scene to build diverse wooden scenes quickly. The boards on all the models have slots for multiple materials, allowing sets of the individual boards to hold specific materials. Mix and match with the given materials to produce new variations or create your own materials to give your world that unique feel.

Technical Details
Features: Everything to build the outside of a wooden structure

Multiple Materials for variability

Texture Sizes: 1024

Collision: Yes, Automatically generated

Vertex Count:24-2,032


Number of Meshes:69 Unique, 207 Set up with Materials

Number of Materials and Material Instances:25 Materials

Number of Textures:100

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64-bit

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows"

Version 1.1 is up! There are 15 new meshes, and 4 new roof shingles textures. Some textures are now available in 4K as well. If anyone has any suggestions for the next update, please let me know here. Thank you!

Modular Wood Building Pack is now available for 4.23!

Version 1.2 is awaiting approval for Modular Wood Building Pack!
Many new materials and new models have been added to the pack. The demo level is set up with the unique models on one side and each material displayed on the other. The 3 different material variation models have been removed, as several new materials have been added.

There are 8 new models including: 3 new square roofs, 3 new plane walls, a plane floor, and a window frame.
There are also 13 new materials to choose from including: 2 new regular wood floors, 4 new regular wood walls, 2 new mossy materials, 2 new damaged materials, and 3 new regular wood materials.

Modular Wood Building Pack is also on sale right now for 30 percent off until September 29th!…-building-pack

Below are pictures from the update, the storepage’s pictures will be changed once Epic approves the update.

The foliage is not included and is only used in the demo pictures.

The Modular Wood Building Pack will continually be updated as my skills improve.

Thank you for your continual support.

Version 1.2 is live! The pack will be on sale for 30% off until Sunday 9/29.

Thank you for the support!

Modular Wood Building Pack is 50% off for the Black Friday sale!