Modular walls qoustion

So been trying to practice making modular walls, but i am feeling i am doing somthing wrong, so il just ask here to get my head straight.

Should i create a wallpart and “Acceories parts” (Wall skirting, paneling pieces etc) separate and just put them togehter in engine, or should it all be one mesh with two materials?

Both in render cost and in simplicty in building in engine.*

EDIT: The reason i am wondering is since i am at the moment making em as one mesh, but got some bad tiling problems since the UV map are hard to get to fit to tile this way. That was the trigger of insecuretity in this field.

If the wall is simple, then make a unique wall that is the full size of the wall, there’s a few considerations with modular assets that you have to take into account.
Each object increases draw calls, so having many objects decreases performance, the main reason to make modular assets is to save memory, but if the mesh is very simple then you’re not saving much and it’ll have a much bigger effect on performance.
Also, in UE4 the way that it handles lighting will create slight differences in lighting between objects which can be very obvious for things like modular wall sections where a flat surface is made of multiple objects, so to avoid that issue it’s best to make a complete wall out of a single mesh rather than multiple meshes. That way you can split things at the corners and you won’t see the lighting difference.

aha, thanks alot for the pointers, this makes everything kinda easier, this way i can plan better when i work and not do extra work to hide all the light seems.

What is a good polynumber to be bellow for “simple” to be decriptive?

A wall could be a single quad so that’s pretty low-poly, if you have floor molding then that might drive it up to 3 polygons so that’s still pretty low, even a few hundred polygons wouldn’t be much in terms of memory.