Modular wall segments, when creating a large building / level: packed level actors vs level instances

UE 5.2, latest version, trying to use latest technologies.

I am trying to create a 2-story palace for my first FPS game. I have created wall segments out of various static meshes and megascans (for stone reliefs), and then grouped them into Level Instances. Then, I duplicated the level instance numerous times to make longer walls.

My main question is… am I doing this right? Should I be using a Level Instance for this? Or should I be creating Packed Level Actors instead?

After I make a large wall, should I group all of those segments (say, 20 of them) into another instance? Or should I leave the individual segments as stand-alone individuals?

Should I check the Nanite box for ALL of my static meshes, especially if there may be hundreds of these wall segments in the whole level (not to mention the interiors which are not yet built)?


I would say if you are duplicating wall elements and you do not plan to animate them (break window, move wall, …) you should go with the packed level actor.
It will create a shared instanced mesh to optimize your building (45 * the same wall will only take 1 memory space and then instance it).

I am starting to switch to Packed Level Actors. Here is another thread where I was working on the blueprint for doing that automatically:

If I automate it like this though, am I still able to created a shared instance mesh, from within the blueprint?

It depends on what kind of actor you are using.
For a packed level actor to be optimized, you need to use StaticMeshActor and when your building is complete, create your PLA by selecting all your static mesh. Like this, all meshes will be instanced if possible.

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