Modular Vertex Collapse System](


Hi there, I’ve been exploring black/worm holes for a few months and decided to build a pack that easily lets you create your own black hole type effect, the pack is very customizable and offers some overridable events to further create custom things with this system.

This pack provides an easy and modular approach to vertex collapsing/squashing. You can easily setup actors to act as the instigator of the collapse or the one who’s getting collapsed, most of the code is abstracted, so you should be able to integrate this to your project without complications.

I’ve also included a few practical examples of this system:

  • Item pickups
  • A moving blackhole
  • A warp gate system

They’re available on the overview map, all of the code is commented so you should be able to modify these examples to your liking. If you have any issues, feel free to contact me: **

Get it here: **