Modular Vehicle Vol. 2

Day 64

What’s new:

  • Automatic Turret - will find and shoot enemy automagically. You can see a demo of it in the video below.
  • Rotateable machine Gun - rotate it with the mouse cursor to shoot&drive at the same time
  • Enemy Aircraft AI - simple patrolling, seeking for the enemy, chasing and attacking it.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements

I think I already know one vehicle from my yt. recommendations, absolutly amazing work :slight_smile:

Day 68

What’s new:

  • Module stats system, which currently supports armor, shields, shields recovery speed, damage, max torque, max brake, nitro and jumpers energy, nitro and jumpers recovery speed
  • New internal module types (and modules of those types): engine, brakes
  • New main menu (demo in the video below)
  • Options menu
  • Module info widget
  • Module quality with stats auto-amplification support (from Common to Legendary)
  • Aircraft AI improvements
  • Now you can use pre-defined vehicle configurations per actor to load specific versions of the modular vehicle on the levels (or you can manually set required modules per actor as it was before)
  • Now you can load vehicle data via construction script (with some limitations) to make level adjustments before launching a game (may be useful if you want to setup lighting, for example)

Day 72

Lots of various projectiles improvements.

Master projectile blueprint got new cluster charge properties. Now by changing initial properties you can spawn and control child projectiles.
You can use two targeting modes: selected actor or random enemy in search radius. You can spawn specific projectile or random projectiles from the list.
You can spawn any amount of projectiles. Actually, you can spawn any actor, like drones or paratroopers. You can select various targeting modes for spawned projectiles.
And you also can orient spawned projectiles to the ground (useful for projectiles with gravity), or spawn them in a sphere-like manner (useful for rockets).

New projectiles:

  • Cluster charge
  • Rocket with a UAV(drone), which will shoot enemies with rockets
  • Homing multi-missile with random target selection

I also added 2 drones, rocket, bomb, and artillery projectile meshes, which will replace placeholder meshes, which were used before.

The trajectory of artillery projectiles now also visible to make it easier to predict impact point before shooting.


Day 76

First polishing sprint has been completed.

What’s new:

  • Vehicle HUD improvements - Main module UI / Active weapon UI.
  • Documentation improvements. Documentation will be available here.
  • Gamepad support improvements.
  • Customization UI improvements - instead of two separate scroll boxes now we have a single panel on the left side of a screen to maximize visible area.
  • Ammo/reloading support per main module projectile / vehicle weapon.
  • LODs (all modules have skeletal meshes, so LODs were done manually).
  • Collision improvements.
  • The character now seats inside the driver’s cabin (proper animation has been added).
  • Boosters mesh has been added (previously the only VFX were visible during nitro/jumpers activation).

Next sprint will be focused on materials.

that look impressive but its only for 1 team gameplay it seem

Indeed, there is no multiplayer support. When I tried to add it, I found an engine bug, related to movement replication for a vehicle, which causes vehicle jittering/lag during movement, so I decided to not spend time on adding multiplayer support until this issue will be fixed.

Day 86:

Didn’t work on this project for a rather long period of time. Finally completed material sprint. Two more sprints to finish.

What’s new:

  • Decals support - ability to place decals on the vehicle via customization system
  • Snow/Dirt trails with displacement support (2 various methods to capture trails - via depth check with landscape and via particles and ground affectors)
  • Procedural Wet/Sand/Mud/Snow surface effects on the vehicle when moving on proper physical material. All effects are layered and have various interaction rules (like water dries after N seconds, dust can be sand can be washed off with water, etc).
  • Wetness/Sand/Mud/Snow landscape layers
  • New grime/scratch/dust masks for all modules
  • Support for triplanar mapping in local space
  • Better tiling materials for metals/dielectrics
  • Substance Painter Master Material for Vehicle Module now available here:
  • Camouflage mask now can affect roughness and metallic intensity.

Next sprint will be focused on the environment.

Day 96:

What’s new:

General improvements:

  • Vehicle AI, Aircraft AI, and Character AI improvements.
  • First Person Character HUD, Health/Death support and Game Over screen.

Showcase environment improvements:

  • Mountain Tunnels
  • Vehicle Bunker
  • Graviton Research Facility

New features:

  • Teleporter blueprint
  • Capture point blueprint
  • Elevator blueprint
  • Spawner volume blueprint
  • Sequencer trigger volume blueprint
  • Spline mesh blueprint
  • Door blueprint
  • Button blueprint
  • UsableActorsTrigger blueprint

All those blueprints not just doing things that they have to do but also have various additional features. For example, an elevator can disable physics for characters/vehicles/other actors during elevation and move actors manually (via SetActorLocation) or by physics. The teleporter can teleport automatically or by pressing Use key (and you can use auto-teleport on one side and manual teleport on another side). Spawn volume can control the initial rotation/scale of spawned actors, spawn certain or infinity amount of actors, spawn AI or non-AI actors). A capture point can run certain cinematic or fire dispatcher calls on point capture. Spline mesh can be continuous or discrete and you can use static or skeletal meshes. Sequencer trigger can be repeated infinity or a single time, reversed on repeat or with certain play rate. The door blueprint can be activated by various methods (by character/vehicle/elevator/use method/capture point) and can be rotated/moved in the selected axis for a specific amount of time. Button and UsableActorsTrigger blueprint can activate multiple usable actors at once.

I wanted to add more content to the Showcase level, but I’m planning to finish this project within 100 days, so various things might be available only in the next volume of the Modular Vehicle Project. The remaining time I will spend on polishing this project.

Day 100:

What’s new:

  • Final polishing of a project
  • Project submitted to UE4 Marketplace

Modular Vehicle Vol.2 now finally complete.

Now available on UE4 Marketplace