Modular Underground Environment

Underground Environment

The perfect product for getting started on underground projects in UE4.Create beautiful underground environments for your project with your own personal touch. These assets are modular and also it can be easily modified by users.

All the models are ready to be integrated into your projects as quickly and easily as possible.

Everything was designed to fit together quite nicely.

Very soon video will be added.


Live Document



  • Modular Environment (All meshes are modular. )
  • 100% Optimization
  • Master Materials ( Puddle , Metals , Concrete and water )
  • Vertex Paint ( Some materials can be easily painted )



My suggestion would be to include lots of small meshes like toolboxes, barrels, laptops, workbenches, stools, chairs, warning signs, hazard warning lights, first aid kits, vehicle spare parts (like tyres, bumpers), crates, metal containers, landline phones, PC screens, bags, rubbish bins, drink dispensing machines, small barricades, potted plants, small rubbish like cola cans, etc etc

This would give the impression of a living breathing believable environment.

Another idea would be to include lots of decals like warning signs, office directions, hazard warnings, fire escape directions etc etc

Thank you for your comment.
nice ideas will think of them all.

Project published

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Does anyone have an idea to develop this project?

Really cool package! I would probably add some pipes and cables, and some props that are colorful. Now it looks all grey and it gives a sensation of emptiness.

Thanks for the comment.
can be filled with other props packages.
In addition, the materials change easily.

You can ask us questions by suggesting our discord address, you can test our map live.

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The project 25% off

The project 25% off

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Note: 250 and more meshes updates will come soon.

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April 6, 2021 Updated

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The project 50% off