Modular UMG Weapon System WIP

Hello everyone, first post here, so I’ve been working on an inventory system mixed with a modular weapons system, all in UMG. I took inspiration from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Crysis games and just whipped this up. Special thanks to @kieran, he helped a lot understanding some of my mistakes and really understanding UMG per se. The widgets to the left are procedurally generated inside the UMG based on how many mod slots the weapon you hold has. It has been fun making this, but it’s still a long ways to completion.…


Update, I know this doesn’t look super professional, but it’s still a draft and I’m doing holographic scopes, true ADS, leaning, bullet penetration and ballistics, a statistic system involving the attachments. I’d love any kind of feedback. Thank you everyone!

Its allot of planning that is for sure and would be interested to see where you go with the system as I did a similar system with a third person setup and will also be in the process of rebuilding it in
first person. The aiming and scope attachment stuff can be a pain if things are not lined up and the arm animations need to work with the weapons animation systems.
But it is super cool once things get working and you can swap parts on the fly :smiley:
Keep it up!

Yeah, you’re right, there’s a lot of careful planning and polishing to do, but it’s a lot of fun, I mean modular weapons are any gun nut’s dream.
I’m trying to keep it as realistic as possible and right now I’m adding the recoil and reload mechanics.
I’ll keep the thread updated and add more things to it.
Good luck with your system too, let’s make something Unreal!

Hey there.

I’m working on something similar, but I face terrible issue when activating the Physic on my modular item.

  • The parts separate when all have Simulate Physic enabled.

  • The parts collide between themself in the same item, resulting on an epic flyaway glitching of the entire item, when the root component has Simulate Physic enabled and children got collision enabled.

  • Only the root component collide with the world and the reste is ignored, when the root component has Simulate Physic enabled and children got collision disabled.

Also, I’m working with Skeletal Meshes, sounds logical.

Do you have a solution for that issue ?

Have you tried disabling the collision?

@BelliniVirgil with which node will you do that and on which component ? (I have one SkeletalMesh component having then 3 children attached to it)

@Zyth23 here it is.

@BelliniVirgil Components are not actors, but I found a way to solve my problem using some PhysicConstraintActors to nullify the collision betwen the parts of the same item.

@Zyth23 Gotcha, I didn’t know how you set up your system without any screenshots. Mine’s based on actors, thanks for sharing!

Bump! Project is still alive and Kicking, whipping some new work on it, modelwise and blueprint wise plus a new youtube video so stay extra tuned!

Bump! Update! Added a lot of features like ballistics, leaning ecc, sorry for the poor video Quality, the next one will be 4K HDR ecc ready! No, but seriously I’m a noob with video editing.