Modular UDK Level Translated to UE4.

Hi all. I’ve been using one of Tor Fricks DVD’s lately as a reference to create this, following his modelling parts religiously ;). The idea was to teach myself a little more about low-poly modelling and getting the most out of my UV maps and vertex painting.

Even learned a bit more about baking good normals on the way too. I did all textures (bar the window glass) myself, and also remodelled everything in 3DS Max too. Quite happy with the result! It’s far from finished, but I’ll do more and expand on the scene later, more rooms, stuff outside etc. Thinking of turning it into a dockyard-like level similar to some of the Gears of War 3 levels, which are some of my favourite bits of level design ever.

What I’m most happy with is my Shader though, as obviously the networks are considerably different now to UE3. The result is rather pretty and the whole scene uses less than 12 textures. Not bad! Personal thanks to Tor for creating such a great DVD!

How big are your modular parts? I’ve been trying to make some more my self but I’m not sure how big or small I should make them…

Looks very good, one of the best community creations I’ve yet seen for UE4

Looks amazing !

Are you using the UDK DVD ? Or is there a new UE4 one out ?

Really dig the texturing and the usage from the lighting. Good work :slight_smile:

I made them to Human Scale, the same way Tor did. Just drop a character in there and scale the blockout as big as you need it until it looks right :slight_smile:

@ DarkZ I used the UDK DVD, I kind of branched off to do my own thing about halfway through as in the end I want to get a different look out of it and make some more higher-poly pieces, but it’s easy to apply the techniques to UE4, you just need to significantly change the material setup.