Modular Town Village Kit

Hello everyone!

Here is my latest asset - Modular Town Village
It is available for versions starting with 4.19


Actually, this is my first environment asset and it allows to create different multi-levels village house which you can fill with the interior. I made a video with **timelapse **where I’m buidling a house with my assets and showing some technical characteristics

The houses has extremely** low-poly count** except the roofs but they has lod with significantly reduce polycount

The props in the projects allows you to create **rooms **(without interior - just inner walls,ceiling and ladders) and little **gardens **(no argicultural products)

There are some prebuild parts for easy attachments and fast building

Modular part can be used if you want to build some thing unusual. For best and fast result you can combine prebuilt part and modular ones.

The village town scene is a good example of what can be made of my asset, all other things depends on your fantasy

The asset didn’t mean to be big but it is a good start for some gameplay start location. Based on the **landscape **material in the project and **foliage **you can build different places. Almost all the meshes have tints so you can change everything.

I hope you will like it.

Update v2:

Fixed gaps in all the building and the asset with single window wall - there was a gap between windowsill and the window glass