Modular Synth Widget and Example Project

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to get to grips with the Modular Synth so while we wait for an official example I wrote a Widget Interface similar to the one shown at GDC 2017. It allows configuring and saving presets, but doesn’t allow playing midi files, or playing from an external source (keyboard).

The source for an example project is available here;

The example project plays two different notes in a loop by default from within the SynthActor BP. If you want to interrogate the preset details after saving you will need to view the Preset Bank from the editor. It uses the default settings until a preset is saved.

I haven’t played with synth’s before, nor used UMG so it’s pretty much bare bones. Feel free to use as you wish. If you make any improvments to the project please commit the changes.

Known Issues;

  1. The Reverb dial adjusts the master reverb send amount for the preset but appears to have no audio effect. Probably something simple, maybe you can solve that.
  2. I wasn’t able to create an executable as any build with a ModularSynth component fails to cook on my computer. Not sure if it’s a universal issue or just local.



@graysan When I load your project into UE4.18 and hit Play, UMG_Synth has a compile error. When I edit the UMG_Synth widget blueprint and hit Compile, I see this compiler result message: “Could not find a variable named “DefaultMasterReverbSendAmount” in ‘SynthComponent’.” When I remove the set that contains the reference to said variable, I can compile. But when I hit Play in the level editor, I can’t get your project to produce any sound, everything just stays silent.