Modular synth troubles

Hello, I have been playing around with the modular synth a bit. I made an interface for it in VR, just so its easier to get my head around it. I think I found a bug. If I switch polyphonic mode off and on while notes are playing. the synth starts clicking and there is no way to fix it unless I restart. Another thing that is strange but I am not sure if it’s a bug is that the synth clicks when polyphonic mode runs out of voices. What I mean is, if i drag my “finger” along the keyboard there are a lot of clicks if the voice count is not really high. Is this “normal”? Is there anything I could do to avoid this? Im not a musician so its hard to tell what is really an issue and what is just me not understanding things.
I also noticed there is no way to clear patches from blueprints. I saw there is this function in c++ but it is not exposed to BP. There are just ‘create’ and ‘set enabled’ nodes, the ‘remove’ is missing.

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated :).