Modular Synth isn't triggering audio

Hello all,

I did a quick search and havent seen any posts on this.
I’m experiencing a few issues getting the modular synth to output audio, i’ve set it up in its own blueprint with a timer so i know its getting triggered i’ve also checked this is the case. I’ve tested this in both 4.22 and 4.20.3, but for some reason i can get the exact same thing to work in 4.17.2. I’ve enabled the audiomixer etc and have a really simple blueprint just a preset being set and a note on for the synth with a timer.

Anybody able to shed some light on what i may be doing wrong?

Check if the synth component is activated. It is not by default! Either set it to auto-activate, or activate it in BPs.

You. Are. Kidding.
Sorry to waste time, i dont know why i forgot that but thats a day not well spent.
Thank you so muuuuch.