Modular Spaceship parts for Marketplace ?

A few years ago I started to work with SubstanceDesigner and I just got the UE4 to play around with.
I love to create dynamic textures as much as I love Sci-fi settings.
So I thought about creating a set of spaceship parts with customizeable textures that allows you to create Spaceships/Bases as you like. (almost :wink: )

Unfortunately, it brings tons of work to my desk. Thats why I want to check if thereĀ“s any intrest at all.

What my plans are:
Different Ship/Base parts like hulls, cannons, thrusters, bridges and misc detailling assets, maybe some animated parts and some particles.

Each part comes with a complete customizeable Substance. I did a short example to give an idea for my project:

color_example_1.jpg color_example_2.jpg

Jeh, not the beauty and a little less I know, but if thereĀ“s is any intrest IĀ“m going to finish some parts to show you a complete spaceship at least.

Your opinion, critic or advice are very welcomed. Or just tell me if my intend is complete pointless :wink: