Modular Shotgun Pack - more than another gun

Maybe you’ve seen my photoscanned assets (
Soon, 30 March next pack will come out - Photoscanned Breads and Buns.

I recently started new project - as title says - MODULAR SHOTGUN PACK
It will allow you to create many different pump-action shotguns you need.
Choose from 15 models parts to create gun you want.
Be it civilian hunting shotgun, police anti-riot or military.
You can even make shotgun attachement as weapon under barrel to rifles.

High quality PBR, up to 2k and highly customizable one material created in Substance Designer will allow you to change many aspects of look and feel.
Change stock from wood through plastic/composite to covered in camo/paint.
You can choose how many layers of camo to use and what color should it be.

Pack will also include customizable shotgun shell (WIP)

Let me know what you think!

I guess pack will be finished and submitted in few weeks.

Here are some screens:

And WIP video showing it working with default shotgun animation from Animation Starter Pack