Modular Sewer Set

Modular Sewer Set

Hello everyone working on our first submission to the unreal marketplace. A modular sewer set focused on barrel vault ceilings.
At the moment the set consists of about 50 meshes with 5 tillable materials and 1 unique material. That might decrease or increase as work progresses.

A few goals I’m working towards is allowing the use of different textures other than the ones provided. I’m working off tillable textures and unwrapping all meshes to the same texel density. If at all needed switching to different materials should be simple. Another goal is to provide enough modular sections for creative design without having the need to fill in gaps while keeping to the barrel vault construction design.

Please mind the seams, still working on those uvs. Any questions or feedback are welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks for coming by -

I hope that ladder is one single mesh!
And… Ah well its nice and simple. How much would you?

I am interested in this Hadrian, do you have a release date?

Needs some sewer pipes / electrical conduits, dirt, mold, etc… :slight_smile:


It looks exceptionally promising. I like!!!

careful with stretched textures and hard edges, focus your attention in POM and PBR.


That looks clean and neat, as mentionned you could try “dirty’ it”+ small pipes etc… :wink:

You could adjust the 'UV’s for the trim.

Keep up!

Yes it looks too clean as it is.

Hey dudes this is Danny I’m another developer from Lost Boys Ambassadors the studio that Hadrian is part of. Just wanted to thank you all for the great feedback! :slight_smile: We’ll be taking it to heart as we move forward with the submission. Keep the feedback coming!

have an awesome week,

When will this be available?

Sure thing, it’s up! :smiley: Here’s the link:

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

those stretched texture r tho to mesh UV mapped, easy fix tho ^0^ just use low polycount and use POM makes everything look great. Im using it on my Project