Modular SciFi Series Trailer

Greetings all!

Finally managed to create a trailer for the packs I’ve released so far in this marketplace series. Hope you enjoy!

Packs Featured:
Modular SciFi: Hallways 2.0
Modular SciFi: Props

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Two Thumbs up! These are probably the best looking Sci-Fi interiors available by a wide margin. One small suggestion: It’d be nice to have more outside viewing portals, so that you can gaze upon planetary landscapes / coronas in the background. Just a thought, but if you’re open to the idea, have a look here :-

Hey Franktech, thank you very much! I plan to add more windows in the upcoming Interiors pack. That will be the next release, and I’m hoping to get it out relatively soon. If you have any more suggestions, don’t hesitate. I’m very open to feedback. =)

****, impressive set of meshes :smiley: I love it !

The trailer is nice but it would be better if the audio track was fading out like the video. Really nice audio track btw :slight_smile:

Also, it would be cool to see all type of meshes as you show in the screenshots at your site in a future trailer.

I notice the screenshots are the same (or look like) at 2:15. I don’t see any difference between the hallways and props image ? Notice that the image is name wallways while it should be halways / corridors.

Hope you get lot’s of sails !

Thanks Stevelois, I remember following you back in my UT days. =) I have to see how I can go about doing that, I put the audio together using youtubes editor and it doesn’t seem to offer much control over the video. I plan to put out individual promo videos for each pack in the near future, which will show off more of the assets like you mentioned and tweaking the material settings in the editor, etc.

Yes, when I first created the footage for this video a while ago I hadn’t made the new box art. I had already sent it to my video editor, future iterations will have the proper art as seen on the site.

Thanks! =)

Hi SE_JonF,

It’s cool to know you followed me in the “old days” :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward your next video (so I’ll promote it on my site too) :smiley:

Thanks Stevelois, I appreciate that. =)

Top-notch sci-fi corridors, with waist-high crates dotted around?

Looks like a Mass Effect 4 trailer!:smiley:

EDIT: Add-in Kubold’s Cover Animset Pro and you are halfway to trumping Bioware, with a single flex of your debit card. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jezcentral! To have someone liken this to Mass Effect is an honor to me. =D