Modular SciFi Series - Engineer Hallways Vol. 2 Released!

Thanks Hospina! =) I’m also working on a deluxe edition of the props pack that will be submitted to the UE4 marketplace, it will be around the same time the Interiors pack is this Summer.

I haven’t forgotten requests about the vestibule architecture, I would like to do it but it will be sometime after I finish this first series. =)

Awesome, ive got some contract work now so will definitely pick those up when they drop!

Jon, just picked this pack up last night.

Screenshots honestly dont do it justice. The quality level on this pack is absolutely astounding!

I bow down to you sir!:wink:

Thank you Hospina! That is very kind of you to say, it humbles me. =) I hope you get good use out of the pack, and I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming soon!

Work on MS: Interiors continues. The windowed corridor is coming along nicely. Still much to do!





Like the direction! Still of the best packs available… Plus, the way you reach out to your customers has easily been the most consistent of any of the marketplace sellers on here!

Thanks Franktech! That means a lot to hear that, you all are the best customers a vendor could ask for! I’m glad you like the direction, can’t wait to reveal more. =)

these are incredible looking modular assets, good job, I wish I had your skillz :smiley:

Thank you L04D3D! =)

Basically done with this corridor, which is 1 of 3 in the upcoming Interiors pack. A few minor mesh and texture details to fix, but this is ultimately it. 26 meshes in this scene. Showing off night time screens so I can show it with interior lighting as opposed to sunlight. Hope you like it. =)


Looks great! Can’t wait. :smiley:

Thanks MuchToLearn! Can’t wait to get the pack out to you all. =)

A quick teaser for what I’ve been working on lately. Still much to be done, but it’s coming along. Hoping to be able to get this submitted sometime in June. I also have something else cool lined up for the launch of this upcoming pack that I will be announcing in the near future. Keep an eye out! =)


Modular SciFi: Interiors Complete!

Work on Modular SciFi: Interiors has wrapped up. I will be submitting the pack sometime this week to the marketplace team, and creating a standalone thread where you can find detailed information on the pack and it’s offerings. For now here are some screenshots of the example environments that will be included. The pack will contain a total of 71 meshes. I also have another surprise that I hope to be able to talk about later this week if possible. Stay tuned!


Thumbs Up! This is great work!

Thanks Franktech, glad you like it! =)

Check here for a detailed description of the upcoming pack!

My eyes have an ****** everytime I see new screen shots!

I have to say, this is prob some of the best, consistent work I have seen on the marketplace. No half assing here.

These assets are worth every **** penny!

Haha! Thank you very much Hospina! =)

Hi ST_JonF, I’m pretty much made up to get your packs, knowing your at work with a third one which I will also get. I was just wondering if you’ve considered creating a furniture pack with a table/chair and maybe some terminals and other interfacable objects with screens and means of input. I would think this would be a natural progression. But before I buy I am very curious what and if there’s more to expect in the future. I would hate to see development stop after this and having to find other means to expand on these amazing models and textures.

Anyway, thank you for your time and I really am loving your work, please keep it up. :wink: