Modular SciFi Series - Engineer Hallways Vol. 2 Released!

Another question, are these pieces designed for low poly count? Or is it possible to switch between low and high poly count? Is the poly count of the pack pieces considered standard, usable for 3rd person games? And would it be possible to generate the lightning then “bake” the lights … and then use the pre lightning, or is - can this be done within Unreal. Thx for answering my questions, just starting with model packs…

The two images you posted above are sick, can i use those settings within a fast paced gaming environment?

I run the scene above and seen in this thread on all epic settings sitting around 40-50 fps. My PC is an AMD Phenom II 830 2.8 GHZ Quad Core, GTX 660 SC 2gb, and 8gb RAM. So nothing special really, actually need to upgrade it but it runs very smoothly. The models are designed for next gen desktop/console games. I took care to not waste excessive polycount at all, while also maintaining visual quality that one can expect from next generation assets. The pack doesn’t feature LODs, though I’m looking into the possibility of including them in the future and retroactively through updates. You shouldn’t have any problem using these in 3rd person games.

I’m not sure I understand your question regarding lighting, could you explain a bit more?

Thanks, to see more like that check the link above to see the free update I submitted for the pack which should be out soon. You can absolutely use these settings in fast paced gaming environments. =)

Hey SE_JonF I have this pack and love it. It’s being used quiet heavily in my project (loving the color variations), and It’s very versatile. Only problem I had was when I went to set up a door blueprint. Nothing major, just the pivot points for the door and frame aren’t centered to the mesh. I simply exported them to max in fbx format and reset the pivots to center bottom zero. Other than that these models are outstanding. :smiley:

Hey Darktrooper, thank you for your purchase! I’m happy to hear you love the pack, and can’t wait to see how you used it in your project! =) The door pivot was placed along the very edge of the mesh, where it sits on the grid. Since the very edge is in the upper middle portion of the model, I can see why the placement might seem odd. The placement allows the mesh to adhere to the 10cm guidelines and connect with all the other pieces. I could achieve the same results using the centered pivot, but ultimately it came down to preference. Glad to see you were able to adjust them to your liking though. Whenever you’re ready to show off your project send me a link, I’d love to see it. =)

Not sure if this is yet part of the package, but please consider windows too

Displays and some basic interior would be awesome too…

Hey Unit23, windows were added in the free update that is about to go live. Check the thread in my signature for more info. A basic interiors pack is also in the works right now. Animated GUI displays are also planned to come soon.

Some real nice pieces you have going here. :slight_smile:

Thank you Ryzon. =)

Hi SE_JonF, I’ve been eye-balling these beautiful assets in the Marketplace for sometime now. Do you provide a means of manual and automated assembly? If not, have you considered doing so? There are a few Dungeon Designers out there that would pair up well with these modular assets. Although, I generate Labyrinthine Dungeons in my game procedurally with a DFS Algo, I’m considering building an In-game Dungeon Editor for Players to construct their own Dungeons using modular assets like these. Such an Dungeon Editor really wouldn’t fit the current scope of my Fantasy FPRPS, however, coupled with modular assets like these in the Marketplace, Game Devs may find interests. These are top notch. Have you considered developing other styles and themes such as Fantasy, Western, Modern (Arch Viz)?

Hey Techlord, the pieces are manual not automatic. I have no plans to provide automatic construction at this time. My focus is on the Modular SciFi Series right now, there are many packs in the works and I just submitted the second about a week ago. I do plan on expanding to other styles, fantasy most likely being the next but that’s a while off. I want to provide a very comprehensive set of assets for SciFi first, so that when I do pursue other styles customers will have a variety of packs to choose from for this one without having to wait for me to be finished another series.

Thanks for the prompt response. Understood. You have your hands full. I’ll keep an eye out for the next theme. If the need for Sci-Fi Hallways come up, you will be my first stop.

No problem, and thanks. =) Which style would you like to see next out of the ones you suggested?

I would like to see a Fantasy Theme. However, I’m not sure what ‘look’ would define a Fantasy Theme. Many of the RPGs I’ve played (ie:Final Fantasy) have architecture I would consider Sci-Fi-like may be Sci-Fantasy. My hope is that the pieces would be compatible with the Sci-Fi pieces just in case I want interchange them.

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed there are different styles of fantasy architecture. As I get closer to working on the series I will narrow down the one I want to attempt. =)

Going to be announcing the next pack and a few other things this upcoming week, keep an eye out! Also updated the first post.


Greetings! I’m happy to announce the next installment in the Modular SciFi Series - Props.

A customizable set of next gen assets which include crates, energy cores, lights, glass displays, materially animated datapad, security camera and wires. Modify the color and individual pbr values for up to 3 masked areas, and choose the color of your GUI animated screen. Modular SciFi: Props is a perfect companion to the Hallways pack, and fits seamlessly with the assets. Purchase now and begin populating your environments!

View Image Gallery](!modular-scifi-props/c31c)


Purchase Now!](!props/c13bj)

Many more photos in the link above!

This work is amazing, maybe I can use it on my next project.

Thanks Isaac. If you do, please be sure to share screens if you can! =)

Modular SciFi: Interiors WIP Update

Here are some WIP screens of the upcoming pack, which will be larger than Hallways. These are the base model concepts, and haven’t been textured yet. There are around 21 separate pieces in this room. Final product is subject to change, but this is the general shape that I will be going with for this particular room. People were asking for larger windows, so here they are. =) I wanted to offer even more modularity this time around when it came to actual shapes and meshes. So as you can see there are two different styles you can go with the window dividers, either the more prominent vertical types or the flatter versions. I will be looking for different places to make structural differences, such as floor panels, walls, etc. to give even more choice. Going to be working on the high polys and getting the textures baked this/next week.

Also please excuse the artifacts, can’t seem to get rid of them with high resolution shots.


**** IT JON!:wink: This stuff is too good! Especially with a sale?! Now I have to buy it finally! And the props! Arghhhhhh!:smiley: