Modular SciFi: Interiors & Collection Trailer

Greetings everyone!

Here’s the latest trailer for my marketplace series. It encompasses the recently released pack, Modular SciFi: Interiors as well as a compilation environment created using the entire collection. Hope you enjoy!

This is an absolute WOW !!!

I Loooooooooooove your meshes pack, materials and so on.

Really awesome work here :smiley:

Hope you get lot’s of sell’s !

Thanks Stevelois! =)

Looks great. The perfect environment for an abandoned space station.

Hi, I bought both of your modular packs, but I need to set the brightness of all the lights to ridiculously high levels for the assets to be anything besides pitch black. Am I missing something? The weird thing is, it only looks that way inside the level. If I open the meshes in the static mesh editor they looks fine, but when placed, they go black. I can only confirm that the materials are applied by adding super intense spotlights.

Thanks !

Hey BlackRang, have you looked at the example levels to see how the lighting was setup? I used a combination of light sources, post processing and reflection actors. Can you post a screenshot of your environment and it’s setup so I can see the problem you are experiencing? The only reason I can think of for a static mesh showing up as black is a lack of light coverage, or unbuilt lighting.

Its not 100% perfectly black, but its close. I tried mounting a spotlight to my character’s face, but it acts as though it accepts no light unless the light is completely perpendicular to the surface. Using other meshes in the same scene, and they all light fine, as well as my character…

Oh, weird. I just played around a bit with the material instances and discovered that when metallic is high, the light behaves oddly, but when I drop them a bit, it lights up the same as everything else in the level. Its been a few engine versions since I did a lot of material tinkering. I have a reflection sphere in the scene, is there anything else I should need to make metallics shine? My scene is somewhat dark, because it is on the sea floor, but this seems abnormal. I will try to put a video up soon.

Hey BlackRang,

Given your description it sounds like your environment isn’t really well lit. One low roughness spotlight isn’t going to brighten it up entirely. A somewhat higher roughness on your lights will allow for more light coverage, but with some loss to metallic shininess and reflection. In order to pull the look off with low roughness lighting, you need to have good lighting coverage (as in placement) as well as a subtle cubemap with reflection actor usage. I strongly suggest you look at the example environments that come with the packs to see how the lighting is setup, as that will put you in the right direction. =)

Ok. I get it. Super low roughness means the surface is acting like a mirror and reflecting light rather than scattering it, ergo light will only come back to my eyes if I am normal to the surface.

Here is a quick low-quality vid I recorded with OBS.

Hey BlackRang,

Looking at the video the reason the light reacts differently to my packs versus the others is a difference in pbr settings, namely roughness. If you want them to be homogeneous you should tweak the values to be identical to your preferred look. I don’t know what the material options are for the other packs you are using, but Modular SciFi allows you to adjust the metallic, spec and roughness for each piece. If you have the values for the other packs pbr inputs then you can replicate them. There are no wrong or right values, I chose the default set as I wanted a very shiny and reflective environment. =)

Your environment looks really cool by the way, you definitely nailed the underwater look!

Thanks. I understand better now how roughness and metallic effects things, so it shouldn’t be much more work settling on a style.
I really like that the majority of your materials are instances of a few base materials, that made it really easy to modify.

Glad to hear. That is what makes material instances so great. =)