Modular SciFi: Hallways 3.0 FREE content update!

Greetings all!

I’m excited to announce the second update to Modular SciFi: Hallways! I will be merging the props pack with Hallways, free of cost. I have reached out to Creative Market to give refunds to those who have purchased the pack separately.

You may be wondering why? Modular SciFi was conceived as a series which was designed to include both architectural and props packs. However, as I continued to work on these packs it became difficult determining which props make it into an architectural pack and which ones would be placed into a props pack. To me this created an issue by limiting creative freedom on architectural packs, since ideas were split between what would fit best in which pack. So I decided to do away entirely with individual props packs, this allows me to add props uninhibited by separate packs which is good for me creatively, and also the consumer. Some of these props were designed with the Hallways pack in mind, so it made sense to include it there. As I mentioned above, people who purchased the pack via Creative Market will be given a refund. I have reached out to their team, and they have processed them already.

I hope you guys enjoy this addition to the Hallways pack, and want to thank you again for your tremendous support for these packs! I look forward to continuing the expansion of the Modular SciFi Series with you all! The update will be released alongside Modular SciFi: Interiors. In the mean time, check out the screenshots below!

Click here for more screenshots!


The update is now live on the marketplace, enjoy! =)

this look nice , the camera its made in once piece ? im wonder if i want to use it on blueprints can camera move inside his box ?

Thanks! The camera is static, yes. It is comprised of separate pieces, but merged. I can look into providing individual pieces if people are interested in making it mobile. I’ll write that down in my notes. =)

This is awesome! I was going to buy that props pack!

You sir continue to provide unparalleled value! If only all other marketplace authors followed your example!

John has raised the bar so high in the Marketplace that others looks like amateurs. Best looking content by far, free updates and great support for what I’m heard.

Thank you Hospina and HausEstate, you both are too kind! I’m overjoyed that you like the packs and the updates. =)

It’s a great pack thanks for the updates!

Any chance you would be working on some stairs/elevator so we can turn these hallways into large installations? :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m glad you like it. And you are most welcome!

I do indeed have plans for more verticality. There will be some of that + stairs in my upcoming Command Center pack which can be seen in the Work In Progress thread linked in my signature. I also have plans for other stair styles as well as elevators. =)

I’m brand spanking new to game dev/Unreal Engine. This is the second bit of fun I’ve had in the Engine.
I just picked up the Hallways and Props packs (limited funds or the rest would be mine as well lol).
Spent a couple of hours playing around and came up with this so far:



All images straight out of UE4 (mac/OSX) with no post work.

Thanks for all of your creations!! Really loving them and can’t wait to grab the rest!

@BoothDigital: thanks for your purchase and keep up the nice mood :wink: (@SE_JonF: sorry to spam your thread!!)

Yea, I used your props too :slight_smile:


EDIT: My apologies. I completely spaced and didn’t “realize” I had used multiple hallways packs. @macoll I love yours as well!!

Hey BoothDigital!

Thanks for sharing your work, and your support! I really like the scene and the lighting is beautiful, especially in the first shot! =)
@macoll All good!