Modular SciFi: Colony Environment


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  • Bonus Sci-fi Pipe Pack
  • **100% Optimization **
  • PBR Materials and Materials Inst
  • Modular Assets ( Endless layout combinations )
  • Version +4.16
  • **Last Update Apr 6 **


Release Notes

1.0 Dec 31

  • Initial version

1.1 Apr 6

  • Added full modularity (Demonstration) Night lighting map
  • Added new level and Light
  • Added new wall textures
  • Added new Meshes,Textures,Materials ( BP_Door )
  • Updated wall and floor materials. ( Material Inst )
  • Master wall material tweaks and minor bug fixing
  • Updated the color of all lights
  • Updated Post process options for better visibility


Optimization, Light, and Collision

**This scene was developed to be at the highest visual quality for cinematic and visual fidelity purposes. You may notice significant and dramatic drops in FPS while playing in the scene in first person. Please read below on how to fix these issues. **

Live Document

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Nice upgrade 5/5 stars, you really put effort into your products. Would love to see more like this.

Thank you so much, I appreciate it.

Is there a white texture or is it only black?

There are more than one material. You can also change it easily.