Modular Sci-Fi Office

Modular Sci Fi Office

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This office is a part of the Skyfall Restoration Complex, which was built by Tsar Genomics Inc. in 2045

Technical Details

  • Modular environment architecture - easy to assemble new levels
  • Rich tiled material library - lots of customization possibilities
  • Advanced master materials, which supports lots of features, like tri-planar mapping, parallax occlusion mapping, multiple normal maps, etc
  • Quick lighting customization by changing box/sphere reflection capture offset values
  • Grabber Component - Press G on any object with physics enabled to get it, use a mouse to move and rotate it
  • Interaction Component - Use pre-built interfaces and blueprints to build doors, switches, lockers and other objects to interact with
  • Lots of useful blueprints, like smart switches, doors, desk lamps and fans, smart glass, etc

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Size: from 256x256 to 4096x4096

Number of Blueprints: 19

Number of Meshes: 200

Number of Textures: 254

Number of Materials: 346 Screenshots:

Looks really cool from the screenies and the video, gratz.

For me, it looks more ArchiViz than SciFi but the props are really nice and neat. All the interactions are very interesting and super.
Tonight it gonna be an instant buy with the good price you have. Thanks for this nice fresh content^^

EDIT: ok i have the pack. This is great for sure. The mood and the lighting are just perfect. The interactions are very great and the props are clean and neat as mentioned above. The layout of the boss room is a bit strange to me (chairs on each side of the desk). I am not a fan of the wood texture but other than that, it was very cool. Gratz ^^