Modular Sci Fi Navigation Bridge


The main emphasis is on modularity, so the shape of the room is quite simple.

Small update:

Another small update:

Another update:

I want to make holographic screens. Such as in Mass Effect and Dead Space.

First props:

More props:

Small update: Holo screens block-out.

The result should look something like this:

First test holo screens:

Excellent work! I look forward to seeing more of your progress and the finished piece!

Another update:

Small breakdown.

Here is the material of holograms:

This master of the material that is used for most objects:

Models created in blender 2.8 using the weighted normal modifier.

Then all transferred to the blender 2.79 where with the help DecalMachine plugin creates a basis for the texture.

Final version:



360 panorama and more screenshots on artstation.

Download PC Demo

Unreal Marketplace Link: Modular Sci Fi Navigation Bridge in Environments - UE Marketplace