Modular Sci Fi Laboratory FC4

Hi all!

My new project is a sci fi laboratory in the spirit of Deus ex and Doom. Spacious two-level room cluttered desktops and various equipment. One wall - a huge window of three sections of six meters each.


Quick blockout to determine the dimensions of the room. To create I used a model from a previous project. The size of one floor element 3 by 3 meters. Ceiling height is a little less than three meters. The wall thickness of approximately 1.5 meters.

Update 1:

The next stage - props.

Update 2
This is the final version of the rough draft. The next step will be detailed objects.

Update 3:

Corridor almost ready. Lighting I have not touched, so the picture looks a little strange.

Another small update

Update 5:

The original concept has undergone some changes. But not too strong.

The first test of the static lighting

Update 6:
Part of the cable is made using splines.

Update 7: Some furniture.