Modular Sci Fi Interior A

Hey everyone!
Today I start working on another environment. It will be a modular corridor with modular rooms in the style of Star Citizen and Deus Ex. I also plan to increase the number of props in comparison with previous works. The main emphasis in this environment as before will be on modularity and customization.

Key references:

Small progress:20181027_195756.jpg

That’s what the room looks like. I want to fill the ceiling with various pipes, mechanisms and wires as on the references below. The main source of inspiration is Surface outposts from Star Citizen.

Finished work on modular wires and pipes.

This looks like a great start. Your previous work was awesome. :slight_smile: Keep it up! Subscribed

@ThatLittleSpider Thank you! I hope the end result will not disappoint you.

Small progress:

That’s what it’s supposed to look like. Drone loaders pull crates into an empty room where workers all sort and redistribute.

Is it possible to get bigger screenshots? :slight_smile:

Here is the original size: