Modular Russian Apartment Building Pack (9.99$)

This pack contains 15 buildings, each goes with 2 variations: with or without the interior. All have custom collision so player can walk inside any room and floor. You can build your own buildings with 90+ spare parts provided.


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Available on market and Gumroad (9.99$)
Get [FONT=lucida sans unicode]FREE demo ]([UE4] Russian Building Demo)


  • 15 completed buildings with interior and no interior option.
  • 90+ build props so you can build your own.
  • Custom collision, player can walk inside any room and floor.

Texture Sizes:

  • 2048 to 4096

**Collision: Yes (custom)

Vertex Count:

50000 - 350000 tris on buildings with interior

40000 - 200000 tris on buildings with no interior

50 - 20000 tris on props

LODs: No

Tested Platforms: Windows

Documentation: No**

**Important/Additional Notes:

No lightmaps, use “movement” mobility option to bake lighting.**