Modular Room blueprint problems

Hey everyone,

Right now I am having several issues with my blueprint. This is a blueprint of my bedroom. It consists of some other blueprints within the blueprint which are the child actor components. They are each of the ceiling lights, the light switch and the cupboard doors.

My first problem is that the lights won’t turn off using the setting that I have provided in the properties window for the lights (Lights Switched On?).
Each ceiling light has its own boolean variable, controlling whether the light is on or off (switchedOn?).
The “Lights Switched On?” variable is meant to toggle all four of those ceiling lights but it is not doing this.

It is the same with the cupboard doors, only that the setting in the properties window for the room is meant to toggle whether the doors are open or not. (Cupboard Doors Opened?)
Each cupboard door blueprint has its own open variable (isOpened?) and the “Cupboard Doors Opened?” variable is meant to control whether all 3 doors are opened or not but it is not working.

My third issue is that I have two planar reflections, one for each window. Since I am making it so that I can easily make instances of the room in the world, this means that two planar reflections will quickly become many planar reflections, reducing performance and I want to toggle these on and off depending on whether I am standing in the room or not and what time of day it is (day or night time). The problem is that the reflection planes stay on regardless of whether the visible setting is enabled/disabled and whether the hidden in Game setting is enabled/disabled.

I have attached all the necessary photos for the issues below: