Modular Rig breaks when Bake To Control Rig function is used in a Sequence

Hi Folks!

I’ve been playing around with modular rig, in the hope for a quick rigging solution in UE5, and expecting for entry point to learn further about the control rig.

However as i’m trying to bake the animation into control rig, the clavicle starts to break and as i’m using Manny SKM as the base for the rig, the hierarchy should be quite compatible with UE functions. I was wondering if it’s a bug withing the clavicle module itself or potentially something else?


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Same here, it seems the preset for the modular ring just avoid clavicle bones, I guess this is the issue.

Maybe by adding a control on the clavicle itself but I didn’t succeed, if you find it or anyone else.

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Same issue. The clavicles are messed up as well.