Modular Quest And Dialogue System

Modular Quest And Dialogue System

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Hello everyone :slight_smile: !

This product offers you three powerful and simple to use modules which can be used together to add Quest, **Dialogues **and a **Compass **to you game ! [HR][/HR]

  • A fully featured Quest system :

  • Use data table for quick and easy setup

  • Can be saved and loaded

  • Provide a** full UI **to display the quests

  • A powerfull and easy to use Dialogue system :

  • Quickly create Dialogues by overriding the Dialogue BP

  • Dialogues execute their nodes asynchronously, so you can call any nodes after an answer, those nodes will be fired only when the answer is selected !

  • You can access the quest system from inside the Dialogue system to unlock quests or resolve objectives

  • Questions and Answers can trigger sounds so **you can add audio to your dialogue **!

  • Get/Send datas from your dialogue to the components which interact with the dialogue (reader and owner), and vice versa

  • A Compass system :

  • Provides you an easy way to display actors to it, either quest items, enemies or whatever actor you want

  • You can setup each type of displayable actors so that they appear on the compass at different distances from the player

  • Items showed on the compass can either be displayed using simple texture or materials

  • A fully featured **Demo level **showing you all the potential of this asset