Modular Neighborhood Pack

Hey All! My new pack is available tomorrow on the marketplace.

Build houses quick and easy with this complete modular housing pack!


Includes unique house pieces making it the easiest way to produce customized housing fast and easy
Over 130 Modular house pieces to create an entire residential estate
PBR Materials
albedo, normal, roughness and occlusion maps
Upto 4096x4096 Textures
Paintable landscape materials
Animated Winds on trees
Collision also included
Lods included where appropriate

Technical Details

130x Modular House Pieces Including;

4x Chimney Pieces
4x House and Garage Doors with Blueprints
9x Driveway Segments
10x Floor Segments
12x Inner Wall Pieces
12x House Numbers
25x Outer Wall Pieces
5x Porch Pieces
8x Road Pieces
19x Roof Pieces
4x Flat Roof Pieces
9x Stair Pieces
6x Swimming Pool Pieces
5x Outer Brick Walls

130x House Furniture and props to fill your houses, Including;

20x Electronic Props including TV’s, computers, fridge freezers and ovens
10x Trees, Grasses and hedges, with animated wind
28x House Furniture props including fitted cabinets, tables chairs and sofas
26x House Props including Light switches and power outlets
25x Outdoor Props including Power lines, bins, road signs and garden furniture
150x Instanced Materials
5x Master Materials
350x Textures
4x Ground Landscape Materials
7x Grasses and shrubs
4x Trees
1x Ambient Outside Looping Audio Track

Demo Level Map Included

Brief Walkthrough & Info

(P.S Ive set the prefix to ‘released’ and not ‘submitted’ as I cant seem to change it after posting)

Looks excellent :slight_smile: Hope to buy it sooner or later.

I am particulary interested by the street, can we have a sample of how much modulate they are ?

Show us this and say it’s not available yet it’s so cruel(what kind of monster are you, a nintendo NX commercial !? we have a new console, but you will not have it before 2017 and zero info on the E3]) lol XD …

…what would be the price please ?


Does this include interiors of houses as well?

Dont get me started on nintendo!! lol only one day to go for the pack. Yes here’s the roads. they include a straight of different lengths, a corner, a t junction, a cross roads, and 1 drive way and 2 driveway versions.

If there was other parts you were interested in please let me know

Yes, a variety of interior walls are included as well as house props to help you fill the houses you build.

Does it include driveway meshes or not?

Yes. Everything you see is included. There are about 10 driveway meshes, including corner pieces and raised brick edges. Also there are a few driveway materials with custom moss growth and dirt parameters.

What are the different materials for the outside of a house? Is it just wood panels and brick or are there others like stucco? Also are there only those types of shingles for roofs? It would be cool of there could be tiled roofs as well, like in this picture, as I would like to create southwest-type houses.


What is the planned price for this?

Hi, it will be $69.99

Alright awesome :slight_smile:

I need this tiles style too

Day one for I :slight_smile:


Just needs some customizable colors.

You might want to think about making steps compatable with the procedural stairs too: and basements.

awesome… ill def grab this

Hi yes theres stucco as well as plaster walls. same as the roofs, there’s a few different ones, ceramic tiles etc. Also remember you can change the colour of all of the materials within the instanced parameters.

Holy ****, dude, nice! I just picked a random house from Google images and you were able to replicate it easily. I’ll have to buy it now :slight_smile:

Hey heh yeh I tried to include enough different pieces and variety of materials so people can hopefully build whatever houses they need for their games.

Hey Dokyo,

Got a bit of a request -

Do you have any plans for Utility Items?

For example:

Power Meter

Swamp Cooler

Central Air / Heating

Circuit Breaker

Do you have any plans for any for sale or for Rent Signs?