Modular Multiplayer Grapple Hook

**Modular Multiplayer Grapple Hook: **Highly customizable and network replicated grapple hook with both reeling and swinging!


  • Customizable throw, with hitscan and projectile implementations
  • Customizable reeling, with straight-shot and physics-blending implementations
  • Customizable swinging, with polynomial-shaped “rails”
  • Object-Oriented Design (Components, Events, Interfaces, and Template Classes)
  • Hook hit and reeling sounds (from OpenGameArt and ZapSplat, respectively)
  • UV Texture included for using your own textures
  • Gold, silver, and rusty materials for hook included

Includes the Base Shooter Kit, designed for getting you up and running faster than template projects:

  • Character with crouching, sprinting, and toggle-able first/third person
  • Ice, Tile, Water, and Gem Materials
  • Coin Pickups
  • Default input setter, edit the data table with your own preferred controls!

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Grapple Hook Doc
Base Shooter Kit Doc
Support Discord

Here is something fun, a collection of bugs and funny moments we found throughout development: Imgur

Can this be used with the VR template?