Modular Medieval Warrior 01 - Assets3D

Hi everyone !

Today, after almost 1 year, I finished my project. I started this to improve my sculpting and texturing skills, and also to develop my experience with creating modular characters. So here it is, my sweet modular medieval warriors :slight_smile:



C&C are welcome! :slight_smile:

Follow my new Facebook page for info about release:

I’m planning to create form where you can vote for my next package.

For now, I collect ideas:
Packages that will work together (also with Modular Medieval Warrior 01)

  • Modular Medieval Warrior 02 - Heavy Armors
  • Modular Medieval Warrior 03 - Light Armors (NPC)
  • Modular Weapon Set
  • Medieval Warrior Animations
  • Scifi Modular Soldiers 01
  • Scifi Modular Corridors

Cheers !

Looks great!

Is it coming to the Marketplace? (Could use it today!)

Really awesome! I know a lot of people who would buy this as soon as it comes out.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
It took me a lot of time to create a perfect pipeline where you can match models variations with different materials but also models variations don’t collides with other different parts which also have his own variations. I know I can do better with face next time.

Yeah, it’s coming to marketplace in next month :slight_smile:

I need this, I really need this. How much will it cost? Thank you for making this, this’ll be perfect!

Thanks guys for good comments on youtube/facebook/forum

It is difficult to say whether this package will ever appear on the store.
May 15th my submission has been approved but since that day, a send few emails and still don’t get any answer about my submission. I put a lot of work on this, trust me, almost a year working after hours, I had big plans with next packages (females, new faces, new armor types, scifi type) but I must stop creating new packages for marketplace and move to assetstore and gumroad.

If there is anyone from Epic Games who reads this, I will be very appreciate for helping me. My account: Assets3D


This is very impressive. :slight_smile:

As we would want to use this to create multiple characters or NPCs, might I request body morphs? I notice that all of the bodies in the video appear to be exactly the same. An adjustment for, at a minimum, height and weight would be necessary to prevent a clone army. :slight_smile:

Also, a female version in a separate package would be extremely useful.

BTW, what sort of poly count do the models have?

Great work. Will be a day one purchase for me if there is a female version coming too. The armor and weapon addons you’re planning. Are they going to be with mesh/skeletal mesh? I’m sure I won’t be the only one asking/requesting that for the action RPG inventory.

Wow, it looks fantastic! I’ll definitly buy it when there is a female character too.

Just purchased and integrating it into my project now!

Looks pretty great so far - will update with a video when I get it working…

Couple of quick questions -
Any specific reason the helmet is not a StaticMesh instead of SkeletalMesh? I think a SM may be cheaper performance wise? Helmet typically doesnt deform - but I guess it does itf its a cowl or something… so probably makes sense

Overall it is working great…some feedback
the randomize feature is very cool - but I accidentally trigger it often like when I move the actor.
If you inherit from another class instead of character, dont forget to make parent calls for Tick and the Construction script. Maybe put that in the default.

Thanks again - great asset

Has anyone used the Sword & Shield Animset Pro from Kubold with this? I am not getting good results when I try.