Modular Medieval Town with Interior

Hello Unreal Community!

We have just published a “Tudor Architecture” based Modular Medieval Town asset pack. The pack is designed to have both exterior and interior. Building modules are modular and enclosed shapes(not just surfaces). In addition, there are many interior props to support creating cozy interior environments as well as exterior props to create living villages/towns. Lastly a simple, angle based automatic Layered Landscape Material is included. It can also automatically place foliage with layer data. We really want to hear your feedback!

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  • Highly optimized, fully realistic and vivid
  • 3 House and 1 Tavern Prefab Blueprints
  • 134 Static Meshes
  • 6 Materials
  • 122 material instances
  • 3 Levels to guide you.
  • All interior and exterior brick walls have easy to use Materials with Vertex Painting
  • 1 Flame Particle is included
  • Layered and Angle Based Automatic Landscape Material to create various environments
  • Automatic Foliage placement based on Landscape Material Layer Paint
  • 4 Blueprints to help you make your game easily
  • BP_Lamp_1, BP_Lamp_2 and BP_Street_Light Blueprints have many controls to emulate a real candle light also with appropriate meshes.
  • BP_Door Blueprint is used to create usable doors

These are some visuals;




And lastly a showcase video;

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I have submitted something very similar to this on the MP. Modular Victorian Buildings, without the interior. How is the sales going? I m curious to know.

Sales are not actually high to be honest. Maybe a few per week. In my opinion, that’s because these kind of packs are kinda niche products and not like nature or Blueprint packs. By the way, I recommend you to add interior.

I agree with you. My future releases will definitely have interior. Also, how many hours did it take you to finish this project? Was it only you or an entire team?

A team of 4 people worked on this project. It took around 200 or little more total work hours.

New visuals with in game engine post processing & cinematic camera;

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