Modular Medieval NPC

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are proud to inform you that our new package “Modular Medieval NPC “ is submitted and we wait for epic approval to make it fully released.
This pack comes with a load of assets to equip a medieval characters as you like.



Multiple arms, chests, shoes, helmets, are ready to be assembled to your own unique composition. Be it beggar, a rich townsman or a regular citizen – it’s your choice how to fill the world with NPC’s or maybe even use the provided items as Player Character gear.

Each equipment uses a master material and a mask texture, which allow you to tweak its visual appearance in detail. For compatibility to other asset packs (like weapon animation sets), the delivered skeletal meshes are skinned to the UE4 skeleton. We added sockets for tools or weapon, these pivots are aligned to its hand grip.
To help you to get started with your new assets, the pack contains a couple of character blueprints and one character editor blueprint example which implements all of the assets and their customization possibilities.

We used Data Assets instead of Data Tables to store the items information. Thus you also have better control over individual features of the items (e.g. chests have slightly different settings than hats) and are able to easily add more features on your own.

The pack will be delivered with three different Heads + a Hair/Beard combination as a starter. We plan to create a separate product regarding this specific head feature. The scope of this product would be to big including all required facial feature components with our desired quality expectation.

You can replace these heads/hairs anytime with your own creations if they don’t fit your desired needs. Texture sharing: Eyebrows, beard and hair share all the same alpha texture. So no double data stuff where it is not needed. You can create material instances and tint them per shader to create slight variations.
We gonna share more information when the time comes, so please be patient with us.
As a customer you are always welcome to contact us.

A few facts:

  • Chests can be equipped with a gloves as well. The mesh morphs automatically when selecting the glove asset. For naked hands or normal arms the chest stays on default.

  • Hair change dynamically when the character or NPC got a hat on.

  • Robes for spiritual characters are skinned correctly + cloth sim. You can decide how far you want push this feature. There is no intersection with underlying legs/shoes.

  • 6 different equipment slots (hat, hair, head, chest, arm, leg).
    -2 attachments slots (main hand, off hand).

  • Each item comes with 4 tint-able channels per asset

Females are currently in development and will be delivered in the first update of the pack, which is scheduled for the second half of the year. I can’t give you right now estimates so please be patient. But this female update is for free and you will not be charged if you bought the pack already. There is no separate female pack scheduled, we gonna build it all in one.
The idea is to use the same Skeleton for animation sharing.

We are currently looking into methods with gameplay tags to differentiate between genders.

All datastructure and names are allready in place to support gender customization:

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any more Questions.

The 18page product documentation will delivered with the product as well.

Thomas + Christian

I think I may know what **WRKSGames is speaking about. I had some trouble at first getting the animations to play with some custom attacks I had. I think I had to setup a master pose component and attach each body part/skeletal mesh component to it. I don’t know if that is an unneeded step, but that allowed for my custom animations to work. Not totally certain if this is the same issue you are having. **

This is a very nice pack. Very impressed and look forward to using it. I managed to get the animations working fine (I used the method listed above as well, the Master Pose Component). Everything works flawless except for one issue.

I am getting some tearing on certain animations. I have tried doing different retargeting options and the results are the same.

I just bought the asset pack with unreal 4.25. I was happy to hear that the female models were working with the epic skeleton.

First, I noticed that the run animation that comes with the female has a thigh that looks wonky while animating. I’ve attached a screenshot. This is from the included with the asset pack run animation with no modifications.

The second thing I noticed is that when I retargeted animation from an epic skeleton to the female, the fingers got very messed up.

This mess up is not present in the male characters when retargeting to them.

I make a game where male characters and female characters are equally represented so it’s critical both are working correctly.

I appreciate your work here.