Modular maps which tile size and how to scale textures

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the amazing huge unreal world and now I ran into a little problem and I don’t know what is best/common way to go. I’ve created a map with modular assets. The assets are self made so I can easily adjust them.

In the first picture you can see my map with highlighted tiles. Now I’ve to increase the map, no problem, but this needs more floor tiles (a lot of) and I think if I’ve to many of them the handling is not so nice. I think about a puzzle a 100 piece puzzle is easier to handle than 1000.

Q1: What is the best way to make my floor, should I stick to the tiles I have, to keep it modular as possible, or create larger assets (maybe the floor in one piece).

I’ve created more floor tiles of different sizes. I always doubled the size so they will always fit in size. But the problem what I have is, when I apply the same Material (M_Brick_Clay_Old from the starter content) it scales differently. In picture two you can see the result.

Q2: The different scaling of the textures in picture two comes from the UVMap size right? What can I do to scale the texture that all my assets have the same texture size, so that looks as one piece.

Software I work with to create my assets:
Blender, Photoshop

Thanks for reading.

if you have proper texel density on all your meshs, the material will scale correctly for all of them. you can also use the texcoord node * a scaler to scale the UV tile in the material, and use material instances to have different scales if you need them.
tesladev has a good quick vid