Modular Map Loading

Im currently making a multiplayer game, where there would be a LOT of maps. This game is also cross platform between windows and android (Vive and Quest).

What im looking for is a solution to be able to download a map from the internet at runtime and then play it from there.

Use case:
Player enters login lobby, logs in, then selects a server he wants to join. The game then downloads the map for that server and then joins the session. If map was previously downloaded, then it uses the same one.

I’ve looked into using each map as a separate plugin, but it seems to be a really long approach to do something simple. It also has the potential to really make the project super complicated when a whole lot of different maps are loaded.

Ideal route:
I have a folder - Map1, Map2, Map3.
Map 3 needs to be the one that would be downloaded if selected.

In the base cook, only Map1 and Map2 are included.

Somehow, i tell UE4 to cook only Map3 standalone as a pak file. Keep in mind, i am using a lot of plugins, and since it is crossplatform, the pak files for windows and android would differ.
I upload this file to the server.

Then during gameplay, it checks if the pak file exists in the package, if not, then download it and open it.

Is this the function of Unreal-Pak,exe?

Thanks! Any ideas here would be greatly appreciated.

Any help here would be appreciated.