Modular Japanese Temple

Hello everyone.

I started to work on the new environment. The goal is to make highly flexible modular japanese temple set.
Here I will post the progress on that environment in a hope of getting get some valuable feedback.

Current toolset:
Substance Painter / Designer
Affinity Photo / Designer
Zbrush Core
Unreal Engine 4
World Machine + Geoglyph

Current state:
Blockout phase

Latest screenshots:

Due to the complexity of this environment, I collected pretty big amount of references. It’s hard to publish them all here, so I will post only some of them.

Blockout of some basic shapes.

Playing with different roof shapes. Roofs will probably be the hardest thing in this environment to model.

Happy to offer feedback but Attachments all dead… :slight_smile:

That’s strange. I’m absolutely sure that when I posted them, everything worked fine. Maybe some kind of bug with forums?
Anyway, I re-uploaded everything.

Cool! Regarding feedback which is more helpful at this stage…
Content or feedback about modeling techniques / approaches.

If content, better if:

Pack lets you to build Fully-Modular Building-complex or complete Japanese garden setup.
With front gate structure, rectangular wall, and multiple temples inside of varying heights.

In your shoes, I’d use this location for roof inspiration and variation in temple design etc:

Its happened to me too, for example Image Albums default to private even if set Public.
So its always a good idea to reload forum webpages in a separate browser ‘logged out’…

Yes, I’m planning to make gates, corridors, walls and other buildings. All assets are made in such way, so you can easily make a building with any number of floors and size. Probably it also will be possible to build a fortress or civilian buildings with this pack. I do not guarantee that this will be 100% super-realistic pack, because I simply never been in Japan and I don’t have degree in architecture, so I can only rely on reference images. But at least I will try to make it looks like traditional Japanese (or Chinese in some places) architecture as much as possible. And thanks for additional references.

Continue blockout phase. Finally understood how to model shapes for roof details. Will refine them later, when I will be happy with my blockout (current goal is to make blockout for almost all future assets).

Added some basic materials to the objects to get a better vision of future environment. However, right now they are just for testing purposes because I even don’t have a proper UVs for my models. Thinking about how I will do texturing in future and trying to find a balance between unique textures, texture atlases, and tiled textures. There won’t be a lot of materials (wood in different colors, stone, roof tiles), but the problem is to add a proper amount of dirt/wearing/wetness.I can solve this by painting those details directly in UE4(vertex/texture painting), but the problem is that I need to do that each time when I add a new mesh to the scene. Maybe there is a way to add such effects procedurally inside UE4 inside the shader. Otherwise, I have to add those details inside textures and do a proper UV mapping for each model, which will be a not trivial task, because I’m planning to add a few hundreds of meshes. Any advice about texturing will be helpful.

Well I’m no architect either, but l lived there for a while and feel they look credible to an untrained eye etc.
Reminiscent of traditional Japanese gardens in respected historical cities like Kyoto etc. So promising so far…

I did a blockout of a landscape to start placing everything in a proper place.