Modular Industrial Pipe Pack 01


  • 62 meshes, design to be modular, most of them are design to work with snap grid of 5, just for some elements snap grid of one is needed and manual location is required just in a few elements, depending the distribution and the scale of the elements.
  • The pack come with 4 PBR Materials for each mesh, Painted Normal, Painted Damaged, Iron and Iron Rust.
  • The materiales was design to allow color variation, that provide you a lot of flexiblity to adapt each mesh in your environments.
  • Most of the meshes come with LOD, only one level of LOD, that help to optimize the vertex count.
  • The pack come with 15 decals, that help to improve the visual.
  • Most of the textures are 2K, however, the textures was downgrade for optimization purpose. Those values can be change in the texture settings.
  • Each mesh come in a blueprint, each blueprint has some visual text that help you to locate others elements (watch video reference).
  • Light Maps was created manually.
  • Dimension: circular elements with scale 1 = 10 cm diameter.