Modular Industrial Factory

Hey guys ! I’m here to share a personnal project I did in 3 weeks.

As a student I wanted to work on some things I didn’t work too much before so I decided to do a modular environment, only textured with Substance Designer and Painter. I use 3dsMax for the modelisation and level built on Unreal 4.15.

Better quality screenshot on my artstation, with 360 panoramas and a video ! :

I’m pretty happy with the final render even though some stuff would have deserved more work. It was my second project only using Substance designer and the first were I didn’t follow tutorials for my materials (except for the pavement :o )

I hope you like it and I’d really appreciate some feedback !

Hey, I just added a little Substance Overview on my artstation for those who might be interested !

It’s just an Overview since those Substance are pretty simple, I didn’t feel like a full breakdown was needed :slight_smile: