Modular Industrial Building Set 2

Modular Industrial Building Set 2

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  • +68 Hight Quality and Low poly Meshes ( Vertex Count: 24 - 2888 )
  • This assets fully modular
  • Are enter-able
  • High Quality PBR Textures with resolution at between and Low poly
  • Master Vertex Paint
  • Master Glass Material
  • PBR Materials (Material Instances)
  • Smart UV (easy integration of textures with each other)

Release Notes
1.0 Jun 28

  • Initial version

1.1 Sep 4

  • Modular meshes added
  • New textures and material added.These material are changeable and also vertex paint feature added

1.2 Dec 20

  • New material and texture added
  • Upload the color of all lights
  • Updated Post process
  • Collision fix
  • **Updated level **

**Collision on assets is set to a simple collision that was created on import by unreal. As this was created to show a visual look over a directly playable one you may need to create custom collision or set up new collision using the Unreal collision tools per mesh.
** Notes:

Optimization , Light and Collision

**This scene was developed to be at the highest visual quality for cinematic and visual fidelity purposes. You may notice significant and dramatic drops in FPS while playing in the scene in first person. Please read below on how to fix these issues. **

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