Modular Home Quick Kit (Submitted)

Hi, I’d like to show off my first submission to the marketplace. My modular home quick kit. This is a lower poly modular home asset kit that’s focused more on poly count, and home age. This kit was designed to go together as fast as possible. It’s set up in such a way that you can have a home that looks brand new, or change the materials so that it looks faded, and aged. There’s an endless amount of possibilities available, because everything was designed to fit together. There’s no wasted time on making sure something fits, or any worries about whether or not the poly count is going to be too high. I plan to support this kit, and add to it in time. I currently have more assets that are being textured for it that will plug and play on the next update for the pack.

Take a look at some of the videos. I hope you guys like it, and I hope you can use this in your own project!

Early Concepts…


Looks good! Hope you make it in there!

Thanks! I hope so too! I’m excited to give back to the community.

Looks good. Do you plan on doing other walls like stucco, brick, etc.

Yupp. This kit is the house style 1. I plan to either add a new one to the marketplace under a new style or add new styles in an update. I’m still up in the air with it. I might just release changes for it like dlc? Maybe only charge 5 or 10 bucks for a stucco wall set and brick. I’m 100% open to ideas on that! Let me know what you’d like!

When is this coming out?

As soon as Unreal approves it. It’s in their hands right now. They have received the content, I’m just waiting for them to review it and give me the go ahead.

A modern house with lots of glass would be awesome