Modular Fireworks Kit - By: Luos & Panda Studios!

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Hello everyone!
Today me and Celeste from Panda Studios are releasing a massive and modular fireworks package!

This pack does not only come with 304 different particle effects, it also comes with some great blueprints made by Panda Studios to combine a variety of parts and create your own new fireworks explosions, firework sequences, and shows.


304 particle effects, of which 152 are small versions of the other 152.

Most effects come in a half and quarter shape so you can mix and match and create unique fireworks!

Contains 40 blueprints for a variety of firework effects.

6 materials, 14 mat instances.

1 material param collection for global tweaks.

22 static meshes/skelmeshes.

Over 50 firework sounds made by Imphenzia who is known for his high quality sound packs, his website can be found here:

32 high quality vector fields. (created by using JangaFX’s vector field generator. which you can find here:

and more.

Let us know what you think!

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fires off rocket
fireworks show because the package is now $29.99
(previously it was $39.99)