Modular Fantasy Town

I made a pack that is currently only available for Unity and i am working on making it for UE4, here was a video i made in Unity:

And some screens:

I just started to bring stuff into UE4 and made 1 house and i have a lot of work to make a decent scene, it will be a different demo than Unity:

Would some of you be interested in such assets ? Anyway hope you like it :slight_smile:

**** that looking good mind sharing for my little projects? I’ll always leave a credit :wink:

Hey thanks! The package is not ready in unreal yet, also i’m not sure just sharing it for free would be a good business model :stuck_out_tongue:

Small update with new blueprints for the scene :slight_smile:

Did you have an Idea When it will be ready for UE? Is it possible to go into houses with this assets?

The Blueprints houses i made and any of those in the scene are not, but it’s possible to make house with interiors with some restrictions.

The main reason is i wanted to be able to make “original” houses, and its nearly impossible to make a house such as the wood one (in the video), being modular and have interior. Lots of stuff passing throw. You will notice that most package that have this feature are very “geometric” and for good reasons :slight_smile:

But with some work it is possible to do it, you will have to be carefull of shape and be inventive to hide some parts. Also you will be a bit more limited because of it.


I don’t want to block you guys from doing so i will try to add a few more window that can be transparent, a few are already. I just also don’t want to call it a feature of the pack to avoid angry customers :stuck_out_tongue:

As for release i am not sure yet, i’m still working on the demo scene and i don;t know how it take to get into the store once i submit the package :slight_smile: