Modular Fantasy Knight Characters

Hey everyone, we are currently working on a big package: Modular Fantasy Knights

What is it?

This package will allow you to create thousands of variations of Fantasy type knight characters. You will be able to change the helmet, gloves, shoulderpads and over 20 features more to create any kind of knight character.

What are we planning?
We want to make it as modular as possible, unlimited Material variations and combinations between meshes. In addition it will work with Epic’s skeleton so it can be compatible with all animations available on Marketplace and the ones you wish to create too.

We want to share with you our development process, this is a big package so stay tuned and feel free to give feedback on anything that we can improve to give you the best package possible. In addition feel free to answer the poll, depending on how many people are interested we will keep adding features and continue giving support for those who buy it to get more variations!

Here is the current development process, over 60 pieces of armor completely exchangeable. More to come soon!

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