Modular Fantasy Katana Set

Hi everyone,
I just released my first game asset and wanted to see what people think about it. The asset includes multiple katana blades, handles, handles, guards, sheaths and other you can combine with each other to build your own Katana and Saya. Every mesh comes with multiple “skins”, meaning different variations of colors and materials (bronze, steel, copper etc). All materials use 4K textures made with Substance Painter. I hope you guys like it.

You can get the asset here:…asy-katana-set

Follow the youtube links to check out a showcase video or a tutorial on how to use the asset.

  1. Showcase:…&t=37s
  2. How to use:…&t=57s;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64;base64