Modular Environments and the Grid

You can define custom grid snapping sizes from the Editor Preferences under the Edit menu. From the Level Editor->Viewports section. You should see Decimal Grid Sizes, where you can add your own or change the existing ones.

Hey everyone, I have a question about modularity in UE4.

What i used to do when working with UDK was to setup my meshes to be a power of 2 sizes. Like 256x128 for a wall section and it would snap to the power of 2 grid that was in UDK. Now when im doing the same im having a real hard time getting my things to line up correctly, and i often resort to going down to 1 grid snapping wich is really time consuming and “finniky”(for lack of a better word).

Was the grid changed from beeing 2/4/6/12/32/64/128/256 etc to 1/5/10/20? Should i adjust the size of my meshes to accomedate this change? Also is there a way to setup my max grid for this change?